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Demolition - Concrete Cutting - Excavation - Junk & Debris Removal

Affordable Demolition & Construction, LLC

Strongly Believes in Our Top Four Priorities

Safety, Customer Satisfaction, Integrity, and Affordable Rates


Affordable Demolition & Construction, LLC is a diversified company offering a variety of services:

* Demolition

* Removal of Commercial/Residential buildings, LARGE or small.

* Excavation

* Land Clearing

* Tree & Stump Cutting & Removal

* Junk-Trash-Brush Removal

* Hoarding Clean-up/Clean-outs

* Hauling

* Concrete Cutting & Removal.

We Offer Affordable & Competitive Rates

Over 50 Years Of Experience, We Our Licensed & Insured.

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Affordable Demolition & Construction, LLC

"Est" 1969

CEO Jess Letner And His Son Zach Letner 2014

4th & 5th Generation Of Services

Demolition, Excavation, Concrete Cutting, Junk & Debris Removal


Fast Reliable Service With integrity & Free Estimates

We Value Our Clients And Make Sure There or totally satisfied With Our Service’s.

We Get it Done Right The First Time. 

"We Get It Done Right The First Time With Affordable Rates & Integrity"

This Was A Gatlinburg Cabin 1 Of 20 Wildfire Clean-up That Our Company Completed . There Is A Creek Running Behind Where The Cabin Was Located On The Side Of The Mountain. The Veiw Is 35' Foot Straight Down. The Code Enforcement Officer was Impressed And Gave Us A Few Compliments.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Response Service Plus

Working Hard In GatlinburgTN, After The Very Sad Wildfires

We Have A Disaster Reponse Team that will Work Hard With You, And Your Insurance Company To Get You Back To Where You Need To Be.

  • Demolition, Construction Excavating, Concrete Cutting & Removal, Site Clearing, Tree & Brush Removal, Debris & Junk Removal, Clean-ups &
    Hoarding Clean-outs, & Cleanups. We will Haul-Off Any debris & Junk If You Got A Mess Call, Jess Any Time For Your
    Free Estimate @ (865)973-6757
     We Specialize in Disaster & Storm Clean-up & Removal.
    We Offer Free
    24 hour emergency Services,

  • Our Team

    Family owned And operated by Third fourth and fifth Generations of experience over 50 years of Service with Affordable & Competitive Rates Quality, And Integrity, Hard Working people getting the project done right the first time service. Plus all of Our Employees are well-Equipped and trained to a high Expectation for Quality And Saftey todo the same and there all Drug-Free, and respectful plus hard workers safety is a must. We Carry Workmens Comp To Ensure The Health And Safety Of Our Employees.


✔ Safety/Industry Regulations Training

✔Customer Satisfaction

✔ Job Completion In A Timely Manner

✔ Within Budget

✔ Integrity

✔ Rapid Repones

✔ Free No Obligations Estimates

✔ Licensed/Insured

✔ Commercial/Residential Sevices

✔ Consulting

 ✔ State-Of-The-Art Equipment

 ✔ Experienced Personnel

God Bless America

Affordable Demolition & Construction

We're Now Accepting New Clients And We're Ready, And Equipped To Get The Job Done.

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Cell : (865) 469-3553

Fax : 1(865) 922-2181

We Look Forward To Working With You, God Bless!

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